Time to sit down and learn?

Something I've completely neglected to do for a few years, is learn a new language.

In the past, I would flit between languages bit. I went from LOGO to Pascal to C to Javascript to Perl to Java to Haskell to PHP to Python.

At python is where I've stayed. I did PHP for 4ish years, for work, and by the end of it I was saying very rude things about those who develop the language. For about 2 years of that, I was a secret python developer. It was just such a nice language in comparison, and I was so glad to leave that job and start where I am right now.

Now that I've been where I am for more than a year, and especially now that I've been enjoying programming for a bit, maybe it's time I learned a new language.

There's this smalltalk thing, which is apparently quite good, and there's a free implementation. I'm seriously tempted to sit down and see if I can make it useful.

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