World of Warcrack

World of Warcraft teaches the wrong things, is a little article on gamasutra that really caught my eye. It's not extremely well written, the author tries to set it around an enumerated list that turns into a mindless rant, but it's worth listing the two major things that WoW gets wrong:

  • Investing a lot of time in something is worth more than actual skill.
  • Group > Solo

David Sirlin talks about the side of gaming that's very close to my heart - getting good at games. I played pinball for a long time, and I got quite good at it - but I walk up to occupied tables and see masters at work. The kind of pinball player that I could quite easily call sensei with a straight face.

Do these people exist in World of Warcraft? I've seen quite a few good WoW players, and the one thing the good ones have in common is the ability to spend lots of time on the internet.

There are alternative worlds that value skill and knowledge. If I wanted to play with lots of other people on the internet, I would go to one of those alternatives.

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Sarah Walters said...

This post is ironic in hindsight. :P