Exporting from SF CVS to Darcs

Branedump of the steps to export from cvs.sf.net to darcs:

darcs get --partial http://darcs.arstecnica.it/tailor
cd tailor
chmod +x tailor
export PROJECT=netrek
export MODULE=client
export CVSUSER=jerub
export WEBPATH=$HOME/Sites
./tailor --verbose --source-kind=cvs --repository=:ext:$CVSUSER@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/$PROJECT --module=$MODULE --target-repository=$PROJECT-$MODULE > $PROJECT-$MODULE.config
sed -ie "s@$(pwd)@$WEBPATH@" $PROJECT-$MODULE.config
./tailor --configfile $PROJECT-$MODULE.config

Now. Once sf decides to accept my SSH key and stick it on the CVS servers, I'll be able to dump CVS to darcs, in both senses.

Updated: added the annoying looking sed command.

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