Hamachi vs. The Pink Robots

So, I had a good experience with technology tonight. Not a stellar experience, but good. I set up Hamachi on my OS X machine tonight. Hamachi is a VPN system that does lots of interesting stuff. If you haven't heard about it, please go read about it.

Hamachi isn't properly supported on mac, probably because of little things like driver installation and the non-existant GUI, but it works, and this is how to set it up:

Download tuntap (tiger) and hamachi ( There may be more a more up to date hamachi in the osx directory so check there if you want to.

I put those in ~/src/, so I did this:

# extract files into ~/src/tuntap_tiger and ~/src/hamachi-
cd ~/src/
tar -zxvf hamachi-
tar -zxvf tuntap_tiger.tar.gz

# hit next etc on the installer
open ~/src/tuntap_tiger/tuntap_installer.mpkg

# install hamachi
sudo ~/src/hamachi-

# config the tun device
sudo ~/src/hamachi-

# initialise, start, login, set a name
hamachi start
hamachi login
hamachi set-nick Jerub

# create a network, join it, go online, list other users...
hamachi create mynetwork mypassword
hamachi join mynetwork
hamachi go-online mynetwork
hamachi list

As I said. It wasn't incredibly painful. My initial test was initiating a VPN between two NAT'd connections, then contacting another host participating in the connection. I was running OS X and she was using the windows hamachi client.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your insight on this-- it was quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

It is not working for me... I´m not so good with computers but... i don´t understand what i´m suposed to do :(

Christopher Davis said...

I had done this at one time had it working but the lack of a gui proved too difficult to explain in a phone call or an email to make it a worthwile tool to help a novice user. Now that Logmein bought hamachi I can only hope they will do their customers a favor and fully support OS X and Linux in logmein with hamachi technology or developing a gui for it!
Christopher Davis

Anonymous said...

So please don't let those robots eat me, yoshimi.

Stephen Thorne said...

Finally someone got the flaming lips reference. :)