Zoom In Dot Com Dot Aye Ewe

Oh My Goodness. We finally have mapping that doesn't suck. Zoom In Dot Com Dot Aye Ewe is a google mapsish web service, and it completely rocks.

Here's an example map, this is a link to one of the places in Brisbane where I like eating out: http://zoomin.com.au/australia/qld/brisbane/milton/park+road. Just look at that url! Isn't it pretty? Gee, I wish some of my urls looked like that.

I'm gushing, but this is just so sexy. There aren't any ads (I don't really expect it will be long before geographical based ads pop up here, it's just a matter of time, and it makes sense)

The service is reasonably new. I have user account number 160. But apparently these blokes have been operating in Kiwi Land for a while now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, very very nice. I do wonder how or whether they're making any revenue from it though. Now if they could just tie it in with google earth......