What I've Been Up To

Booyah. I'm back. This feels great.

I've moved house. I love my new house. I had my housewarming last night, and that was excellent. Elspeth cooked up a storm and we ate all sorts of yummy goodies.

There's still heaps to do, but we've managed to get the bulk of our possessions moved and sorted out. I'm incredibly happy with the layout and features of our new house. Really nice kitchen (gas cooktop!) and we're really convenient for the Indooroopilly shopping center. :)

On the hacking front, I've been doing more and more code reviews for Twisted. I enjoy being able to see what's going on. Twisted uses Branch Based Development a set of scripts in a package called 'Combinator' written by glyph, which makes doing branch based development (all code gets developed in a branch, then merged to trunk after a review) sane. I've barely written any twisted code in the last couple of years, and I've committed to cvs/svn less than 10% of what I've done. Doing code reviews is a nice way of actually doing something productive.

Today Elspeth bought a copy of The Silver Spoon, a 50+ year old cookbook that's been translated from Italian. It's very very good, and she cooked a few things from it for dinner. Unlike 'Australian' style cookbooks, where each recipie takes a page or two, with detailed instructions, The Silver Spoon gives a list of ingredients, and a paragraph on how to cook them. There are 3 to 5 recipies per page, and often things like "And serve with a Green Sauce (page 73)" are found. Elspeth likes it a lot.

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