You'd Think It Was A Solved Problem

I got ADSL. In Australia. Therefore I had an interesting adventure, and I have decided to share it. A person with knowledge of Telstra's misadventures has estimated that 10% of ADSL provisining do not work when initially dealt with. Here is my story about being a statistic.

Monday, 29th of May, 9pm, I used an Online Form to request ADSL from Internode.

Wednesday, 31st of May, Morning, Telstra Wholesale provision my phoneline.

Wednesday, 31st of May, Evening, ADSL modem plugged into phoneline. Line Sync established. Authentication does not function.

Thursday, 1nd of June, start of business. Internode technical support contacted by Elspeth. Calls from Internode will continue through the day, running through the script for "ADSL doesn't work".

Thursday, 1st of June, Midday, Internode automated notification that my line has been provisioned, and tells me I may log in. Authentication still does not function.

Friday, 2rd of June, Internode continues to provide support. They organise a Telstra technician to visit the premesis on Tuesday, "between 8 and 12".

Weekend, 3-4th of June, continue debugging. Establish with two modems that no reponses to PPP requests are coming back at all. When talking to a support technician about this matter, the nonclamenture used in their scripts to describe this problem is "A Timeout Error".

Tuesday, 6th of June, 8:10am, Telstra Tech #1 comes at. Establishes that modem can get line sync. Establishes that all of the 'loss' on the phone line (distance to exchange, line quality, etc) is within tolerances and everything is green. Telstra Tech #1 tells us that the problem is with the ISP, and leaves.

Tuesday, 6th of June, 8:30am, Telstra Tech #1 visits the 'pit' and unplugs my phone line three times while I try to call Internode technical support.

Tuesday, 6th of June, 8:50am, Internode technical support calls me back on my mobile phone. I tell them in detail my findings from the weekend and what Telstra Tech #1 said. The kind person on the support line tells me that Telstra Tech #1 didn't do his job, and should have followed through after checking for line sync and authenticated with Telstra's Internode "Test" ADSL account against Internode's authentication server. A new support ticket with Telstra is lodged.

Tuesday, 6th of June, 1:30pm, New Telstra Tech #2 arrives on premesis, tests logging in using PPPoE. Discovers he cannot do so. Telstra Tech #2 makes negative comment about Telstra Tech #1 and returns to exchange.

Tuesday, 6th of June, 1:50pm, Telstra Tech #2 attempts to authenticate at exchange using our port. Discovers fault exists at exchange.

Tuesday, 6th of June, 2:13pm, Telstra Tech #2 plugs us into the correct port. Automatic authentication retries successfully auth with Internode. Internet starts working.

Why is getting The Internet so hard? Energex manage to turn on my power. Origin manage to deliver my gas. Telstra manage to connect my phone line. Why is getting the internet so hard? You'd think it should be a solved problem.

Wouldn't you?

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