Humbug AGM

Yay! The AGM is still going, but we've had some interesting content so far.

Mark was unopposed as president. Clinton was opposed successfully for Vice President by James Isseppi, Secretary by David Seikel, Treasurer by Rohan Smith and Librarian by Scott Wilson.

There was a big ado about nominating officers who can pack up meetings and stuff. Now the exec will nominate a group of people who will be able to setup/packup.

Apparently not enough attending humbug members are blogging. My name was taken in vain. Apparently we have too many bloggers on planet humbug are not currently attending members, and I'm one of the few attending financial members who is actually blogging. I've not blogged in ages so I found that a little surprising that my name was mentioned... That's why I'm sitting here on Elspeth's iBook writing this during the meeting. :)

Software freedom day organisation is in trouble. It's not really going ahead properly - I think it's more or less entirely stalled. We have stuff to hand out (hundreds of live-cds) but not really anywhere to hand it out. Hmmm. Any ideas? Elspeth is now the events coordinator, so she's going to have to think seriously about this.

I should really sit down and blog about my work with running twisted's unit tests on top of the pypy python interpreter.

Well, congratulations everyone who defeated Clinton in this election, Clinton, better luck next year. Clinton for President!

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