Oh, But There's Good News

Further to my previous post, it seems that the olpc project has kickstarted a business unit at Quanta, the olpc manufacturer. A gentle reader pointed out to me that Quanta are going to be using technology similar to what's in the olpc to create a commercialised product similar to the OLPC.


Aw, "But I Want One"

I feel it's necessery to point this out, as every so often I talk to someone about the olpc project and a major misconception is discovered. So I am going to say this as plainly as I can. I should also say that while I'm a developer, I don't actually work for the One Laptop Per Child project, and I don't speak for them.

The One Laptop Per Child project has no plans to commercialise the product.

You will not, as a first world high flying pay $500/week on gadgets software developer sysadmin engineer be able to buy this gadget[1]. There is significant doubt as to if you will even be able to buy them on ebay second hand off a third world arms dealer.

However, if you are an open source fanatic and love the idea of being able to educate little people in the third world, have good ideas and the required time to implement them, you can help the project.

You can run the sugar interface in emulation. There is a livecd you can boot, there are qemu and vmware images. There is even the ability to run the software under a linux such as Fedora or Ubuntu. See the wiki for more information.

There is also a program where you can apply for a laptop to be given to you so you can do development on them. See Developers Program page on the olpc wiki.

[1]It is not a gadget, it is an educational machine.


Originally uploaded by iamstephenthorne.
We went on a holiday a few weeks ago, up to the Sunshine Coast. We stayed in Buderim, and we visited a bunch of wineries while we were up there.

This is a nice shot (by my standards) of the vines at Flaxton Gardens. I bought a 'pro' flickr account today, which means I can start taking pictures more often and uploading more of them. :)

I found that I could post to flickr using this incredibly simple shell script:
for i in *.jpg; do mutt -a $i -s Photo $name@photos.flickr.com </dev/null; done

The '-s Photo' makes the title of every photo 'Photo'. I guess that's better than some of the alternatives. IMG_1234.JPG justisn't appealing to me.


Situational Update

Recently I've been blogging about my past work and such. After a while it got to the point where I didn't really care anymore. I guess that's a good thing.

In the past few weeks a whole bunch of exciting things have come to the fore, and here's a short list of the important ones:
  • The laptop project have agreed to send me a prototype of their little green educational machine. Thanks to Lindsay and Jim from the olpc team for that.
  • I received my FingerWorks Touchstream LP. After a few weeks I can already type on it relatively sanely.
  • We received approval yesterday for a new Scripture Union camp. We are going to be running a 5 day event at Griffith University, for year 11 and 12 students. We intend to make it an intense software engineering experience.
  • I am starting a Python Users Group in Brisbane. My work, NetBox Blue is sponsoring the event, giving us usage of the boardroom and putting on food+drinks.
Exciting times.