Situational Update

Recently I've been blogging about my past work and such. After a while it got to the point where I didn't really care anymore. I guess that's a good thing.

In the past few weeks a whole bunch of exciting things have come to the fore, and here's a short list of the important ones:
  • The laptop project have agreed to send me a prototype of their little green educational machine. Thanks to Lindsay and Jim from the olpc team for that.
  • I received my FingerWorks Touchstream LP. After a few weeks I can already type on it relatively sanely.
  • We received approval yesterday for a new Scripture Union camp. We are going to be running a 5 day event at Griffith University, for year 11 and 12 students. We intend to make it an intense software engineering experience.
  • I am starting a Python Users Group in Brisbane. My work, NetBox Blue is sponsoring the event, giving us usage of the boardroom and putting on food+drinks.
Exciting times.


john said...

I understand you are looking into the Push-to-talk multicast Internet radio scripts that quozol wrote. We are exploring the idea of p2p audio streaming for OLPC sort-of like a decentralized radio station network. We are wondering where you were planning to go w/ the work you have already done, if you also have interest in p2p audio streaming, etc. Could you email me at john.harrison [AT] wichita [DOT] edu?

Unknown said...

Hey, I know this is kinda random, but you wont happen to be selling your keyboard for the touchstream would you?

Im not sure if you are keeping it or not, since I met quite a few people that dont use it anymore. If you are, great, but if you arent, i can really use it with my carpal and all that!