Camp Delta

I have been involved with Scripture Union for many years, I used to go to their camps, and then I started helping run them when I was in University, I directed "Uber Tweak", the current incarnation of Scripture Union Queensland's Computer Camp last year in spring, and now I'm really excited because we're running a new camp this year:

Delta is an entirely new concept for us, it is a camp we are running that will be mostly concerned with educating those who are already geeks with how things are really done by real software engineers. Taking protogeeks who know a little bit of programming and telling them that no, copying a file sideways is not how you do version control, bzr, hg or svn are how you do version control.

We plan to be doing real software projects on the camp. We're running it at Griffith University in the Mt Gravatt campus. It will be a real change from Uber Tweak which we would run at a school 2 hours drive out of Brisbane. We would have to cook and eat meals in the Home Economics block. :)

"Campers" are required to byo laptop.


How To Turn It Off

Well, I've got an OLPC btest2 unit. Due to circumstances surrounding the wireless card being DOA, I'm going to be shipping it back to the OLPC folks tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've been exploring the operating system and have discovered that turning the machine off is sometimes problematic, and have decided to document the procedure.

If you are in X, running the sugar interface, you can turn the machine off cleanly by pressing the power button.

If you are not in X, the following things have the following outcomes:

Pressing Power Button: Nothing.
Pressing Power Button for 10 seconds: Machine will hard power off.
$ halt: Machine will stop operating system and remain power on.
$ shutdown now: Machine will go to runlevel 1.
$ shutdown -h now: Machine will shutdown and power off cleanly.
$ poweroff: Machine will shutdown and power off cleanly.

In conclusion. use poweroff or shutdown -h now to turn the XO off while not in X.

See #513 for some more details if curious.


First Brisbane Python User Group Meeting

I think the first meeting of the Brisbane Python User Group went well. I think we decided to call it BrisPy or something.

People arrived, we had a few people come who I had only known from #python on freenode, and we had a few interested humbuggers come along. I gave a talk (slides are available) on scapy, which is something that I use at work for playing with network packets.

My talk was only 30 minutes, but I ended up demonstrating a few things on the projector afterwars. We ended up leaving at about 10pm, after a 6pm start.

Thanks to everyone who attended. We're looking for someone to give a talk next month (Wednesday 2nd April) - and one of the interesting topics that I'd love to see a talk on is either a web framework, or ctypes.