Camp Delta

I have been involved with Scripture Union for many years, I used to go to their camps, and then I started helping run them when I was in University, I directed "Uber Tweak", the current incarnation of Scripture Union Queensland's Computer Camp last year in spring, and now I'm really excited because we're running a new camp this year:

Delta is an entirely new concept for us, it is a camp we are running that will be mostly concerned with educating those who are already geeks with how things are really done by real software engineers. Taking protogeeks who know a little bit of programming and telling them that no, copying a file sideways is not how you do version control, bzr, hg or svn are how you do version control.

We plan to be doing real software projects on the camp. We're running it at Griffith University in the Mt Gravatt campus. It will be a real change from Uber Tweak which we would run at a school 2 hours drive out of Brisbane. We would have to cook and eat meals in the Home Economics block. :)

"Campers" are required to byo laptop.


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