Over Reliance on Google Apps

With all that [overreliance on google services] in mind, I read something today that made me step back: Google sent this guy a DMCA complaint notice for copyrighted material on his Google Notebook. The material is the title of this post, the string 09:F9:11:02:9D:74:E3:5B:D8:41:56:C5:63:56:88:C0. What makes this particular string of hexadecimal characters so terrible is that it is the HD-DVD processing key for most movies released so far, published on the net by the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) a couple of days ago by mistake.

-- 09:F9:11:02:9D:74:E3:5B:D8:41:56:C5:63:56:88:C0 from Roberto De Almeida

Scary stuff indeed.

I use blogger, gmail, google groups, gtalk, reader. I'm just a little more worried today than I was yesterday. Maybe all those people who told us that gmail was bad back when it was released were right...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy. The DMCA can't touch that one!