Experiences at a new Cafe

Those who know me, know I'm a coffee snob. A big one. So when I recommend a cafe I usually use words like 'acceptable'.

Well, I've gotta say, AFK Cafe is certainly acceptable. It's a new cafe that is very geek friendly. Free wifi (in AUSTRALIA!), gaming computers. There are D&D groups that play there. I've even heard rumours of Blood Bowl games... All this in a cafe has only been open 8 weeks.

We had coffee there on Friday night. Elspeth and I have the distinctive combination of a Short Macchiato (hers) and a Short Black (mine). Sometimes (such as when the cafe serves Robert Timms and we didn't realise until the last moment) we take the better part of valor and have tea. On this occasion the poor man make our usual coffee on the faith that he wouldn't botch it, and he pleasantly surprised us by delivering an acceptable pair of coffees.

... several rounds of coffee later, we ended up keeping the proprietor and his lovely wife entertained till the wee hours of the morning, until the point where the poor man realised that he had to be back at work in 6 hours to open again. Whoops.

We went back on Sunday, and this time for a meal. Elspeth had their 'Aussie' Pizza. Australian Pizza has an egg on it. This had several. We both really liked it. I had the Fettuccine Con Pollo. Yum, a little small of a serving, not enough Fettuccine, a little too much sauce, but it was really nice. I ended up eating a slice or two of Elspeth's pizza because I was hungry.

Again, we ended up yakking to the proprietor. I love getting to know the staff of places I like.


David Novakovic said...

sounds pretty damn good. Unfortunately i have no idea how far that is from QUT (my weekly city expedition)

Were there many people there? I'd love for them to do well.

Stephen Thorne said...

The cafe is literally over the river from QUT. There's a google map link on their webbersite. http://afkcafe.com

Anonymous said...

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