Christmas Parties

Well, I went to a christmas party last weekend that was possibly one of the strangest experiences I've ever had at a party. AndyFitz really knows how to throw a bash that has everything. I think this list of dot-points should cover most of the details:

  • Many good looking girls.
  • A bunch of geeks.
  • Some stunning steak.
  • $3.95 takeaway pizza from dominos.
  • A car crash, directly in-front of where we were BBQing/drinking.
  • Directing traffic until emergency services arrived.
  • A tour of the firetruck.
  • Cute ambulance officers that turn down an invite to the party.
  • One of the guys in the crash comes to the party.
  • Elspeth lost her watch and we all searched for it, in the dark. (Found it the next day)

Notes: no one was injured in the accident, it was just a little traumatic.