Gnnnr, Telstra.

This is a transcript of a conversation I had with Telstra today, this is verbatim from the 'chat' interface I used.

Jessica: Welcome to online assistance. You are chatting with Jessica NB:This Chat is being recorded and may be monitored for coaching purposes. If you do not wish to proceed, please close this window.
Jessica: The rates discussed in this Livechat are correct as at today's date, but may vary from time to time. Any variation will be done in accordance with the General Terms of Our Customer Terms which can be found by visiting http://www.telstra.com.au/customerterms/index.htm

Jessica: Hi, how may I help you with your enquiry today?
you: G'day.
you: I am moving house, and would like to know how much moving my phone service will cost, and if the phone line has been cancelled by the old tenants.
you: The address we are moving to is [REDACTED]
you: And our current phone number is [REDACTED]
Jessica: Ok Sure I can check this for you, one moment please
Jessica: Ok the phone line at [REDACTED] is still active the the old tenants name, So the connection fee will be only $59
you: Okay, have they notified you that they are going to disconnect?
you: And how much is the line rental that I am paying at the moment.
Jessica: I can not see if they have organised disconnection sorry.
Jessica: I will need to ask a few questions to access your account,
you: Sure.
Jessica: Can I please have your full name and Dob for the security of you account thanks,.
you: Stephen Thorne, [REDACTED]
Jessica: Thank you your currently on Homeline Budget 19.95 per month
you: oh, okay, and I can keep that?
you: (i.e. it won't go up when I move premesis?)
Jessica: yes you can,
Jessica: Oh sorry hang on,
you: are there any problems with me using that and ADSL2+?
Jessica: we have recently changed the business rules when using Homeline Budget in conjunction with ADSL from another provider. As you are disconnecting and re connecting at the new address these business rules would apply:
Jessica: HomeLine Budget customers must not acquire a broadband service from another service provider which is provided using Line Sharing Technology. If your Internet Service Provider uses Line Sharing Technology, you will be contacted by Telstra and you will need to choose a different HomeLine Plan other than HomeLine Budget. You will need to contact your current Internet Service Provider to confirm if they utilize line sharing equipment.
you: I see.
Jessica: I would connect to budget then if we find your ISP is using Line sharring we will automatically move you up to the next plan up which is Homeline Complete for 26.95 per month
you: I see.
Jessica: there is no charge to move plan
you: Thankyou for your time.
you: Can I have a copy of this transscript emailed to me?
Jessica: unfortunately we can not email this chat, however you should be able to copy and paste this into word, or notepad and save it
you: Thankyou
Jessica: Your welcome,
Jessica: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
you: No, that will be all.
Jessica: Thank You for using Telstra.com. We look forward to assisting you in the future. Bye
Jessica Has Disconnected

I'm not impressed. $7 extra a month in order to connect ADSL2+ at the new place. I pay fees to my ISP that they pay to telstra, then telstra takes extra dollars from me as well.


Unknown said...

Heya Steve,

Yeah, I'm currently going through the same... along with two other people who i know are moving out. The only trouble is, there's nowhere else to go!
TPG cant access optus' exchanges, so you pretty much have to use telstra.

Cheer for the sympathetic reality


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I am currently going through this myself, or was. My exchange isn't enabled for ADSL2 as yet. How long will it take for us to move forward and get decent net access in this country. Fiber may take too long.. DSL is the intermediate solution.. yet we can't provide decent access at decent rates. Time to rationalise Telstra?

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

Telstra changed these business rules back in late 2006 - I've heard on pretty good authority that LSS HomeLine Budget customers (ie, ADSL2 customers) actually cost Telstra money - Telstra have been managing to make these costs up by selling ADSL ports on the same circuit.

It's frustrating, but sometimes that's how it rolls- have you looked at ULL (naked DSL) - I know Internode and iiNet have some pretty nice deals going on.


Unknown said...

You should have lied.