On Packaging Python

I’d love if there was a language-neutral library installation and management tool that really worked. Linux system package managers are absolutely not that tool; frankly it is absurd to even consider them as an alternative. So for now we do our best in our respective language communities. If we’re going to move forward, we’ll have to acknowledge what’s come before, and the reasoning for it.
A Few Corrections To “On Packaging” - Ian Bicking

I disagree with him so much I don't know where to start. Operating system packages are the best way to install anything on nice systems. Python is not 'special' in this regard, there's no reason not to use operating system packages.

I spent a couple hours a few months ago making it easier, and I should return to that project and get more done on it, at the moment it's far to pypi-centric.

Oh, and if someone could fix Python Issue 1533164 for Fedora 10, that'd be great too. :)


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