Favicon Finding

I was updating some of my blog settings, and noticed in blogspot that I can customise the favicon that it will use. I thought, "I know, I'll search for a favicon."

Wow, that was a mistake. The entire area of icons, and web icons, is SEO'd to hell (Asking me to spend £0.06 on an icon screams 'credit  card theft' to me, not 'bargain'), and once I found a source of  favicons I was immediately hit with that other problem - too many choices.

I guess I'll just leave the basic blogspot icon on http://shiny.thorne.id.au then.


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Mikel Jones said...

This small icon, measuring 16x16 pixels, plays a really important role. It's located near the title or URL in the results of some search engines (e.g. DuckDuckGo, Yandex Search and Поиск@Mail.Ru). I think the main purpose of favicon is to speed up finding the right site among the many open tabs in the browser and its bookmarks. Here's a cool example of it on this site.